TranslatOr - about

TranslatOr is an online dictionary based on PHP and MySQL. It allows users to add vocabulatories (languages) and dictonaries (so-called "language mappings"), as well as querying the existing dictionaries.

The focus of TranslatOr, once it has progressed, will be to provide extensive and sophisticated methods to query the database in a quiz-style mode.

The reason for this is that the project's original goal was to make learning foreign vocabulatory easier, thereby allowing the student to add words as (s)he progresses. This first approach was purely designed for german-spanish translations. It nevertheless inspired me to take a broader approach (to allow me using the tool for other languages, too). Eventually, the idea of an extensible online-dictionary with extensive options for querying evolved.

The ultimate vision is to have a dictionary where languages and terms are added on a daily base (with some administrators being able to delete inappropriate entries and a notification system for users to flag such entries).